A pleasure for everybody

New Cold mission sets as primary objective to offer quality products.

The Management commitment is aimed at:

implementing safe food products in full compliance with applicable laws and consumer protection, in order to achieve the satisfaction of customers and third parties (the Official Authorities, Organizations, Communities);
complying with existing rules on workplace safety, environmental friendliness and work ethics;
constantly improving internal business processes through the monitoring, review and assessment of performance achieved.
In accordance with its culture, the Management is the bearer of ethical and moral principles as the respect for people and the sense of responsibility.

New Cold has a daily commitment to ensure that the products can be appreciated because we believe that quality should not be a luxury for a few but should be a pleasure for everybody.

New Cold srl Via del Contarico 36, 26900 Lodi - Italy tel: +39 0371.424353 fax +39 0371. 67730 - P.IVA 09538040156
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