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Not only truffles

“If you have to build a ship, do not gather men to collect firewood and distribute tasks, but teach them the nostalgia of the endless sea”

Thanks to this philosophy New Cold is in the panorama of the food companies, as a company specialized in the production of ice cream in tubs, cups, truffles.

Ice cream today is not just a nice dessert or a healthful snack, but is now considered also a complete food, to be consumed as a meal replacement. These are the principles that gave birth in the 90s’ to New Cold: high quality product, healthy, in which the weight of tradition results in the selection of each ingredient and mix with the others. Constant technological investment, combined with the strong motivation and experience of the staff, have led New Cold to be appreciated by the entire supply chain and being partner of important brand.

New Cold is present in Italy and in some European countries with its brands Cold Ice Cream or private labels, also manufacturing specialized products (from pans to truffles, to cups and sorbets), creating a comprehensive partnership that develops creating what the customer need in terms of product and packaging.
New Cold srl Via del Contarico 36, 26900 Lodi - Italy tel: +39 0371.424353 fax +39 0371. 67730 - P.IVA 09538040156
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